Wanted for War Crimes

Athene Purpose Scam And A Look Into Credits ICO

Athene Bachir Boumaaza is wanted for war crimes in Belgium, Antwerp. Athene will be releasing a crypto currency project titled: Purpose. This Purpose coin is a scam and he is stealing from his current readers.

If you are an amateur investor or someone who is new to cryptocurrency do not be scammed into buying Purpose by the Athene troll. This is almost a guarantee loss as the coin has no value.

credits icoAthene has a legal bypass by utilising his partner Reese, going by the name Reese015 he uses common scam tactics of diverting all the money to his offshore bank account located in Belize, whilst using Athene as the main decoy and face of the project. By doing so Athene is able to market the project without actually collecting any of the money, this method of scamming allows him to be non liable and legally compliant whilst still stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions.

The terms of service disclaimer located the top of their stream gives them all of the writing they need to legally unbind themselves from the project. This is what CLEVER scammers do. Athene is honestly one of the most genius minds of 2017, he is able to steal from people and con everyone into buying his scam ICO whilst still maintaining his legal sovereinty.

With awful projects like this hitting the market you may have lost hope for cryptos but don’t worry the Credits ICO is still running and in my opinion is one of the most promising projects of 2017. We think this project will grow with its referral system to become a top 10 market cap coin.

If you are looking to get into the GRX coin, then you can find more information on their website, where they list ICO details. Be careful though the ICO last round will take place soon!

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